Eppler: 3 reasons I'm over the Oscars this year, and why you're not watching

I used to be so excited for the Oscars. It used to be a bigger deal in my house than the Super Bowl. My family would gather around the TV and I had strict rules for not talking during the telecast. But now? I'm having trouble finding the motivation to even publish predictions this year.

What's happened? Why am I especially down on it this year? I've narrowed it down to three factors.

1. PredictabilityPart of the fun of watching the Oscars is predicting the winners. But this year, so many of the winners in major categories feel like foregone conclusions: acting awards for Joaquin Phoenix ("Joker"), Renee Zellweger ("Judy"), Brad Pitt ("Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood"), and Laura Dern ("Marriage Story"); best picture will go to "1917" and its director Sam Raimi will be honored.

Perhaps there might be some competition in the screenwriting categories, but that's not likely to move the needle.

But I could live with the predictability if the eventual choices weren't so... obvious.2. Academy voters' taste has gotten worse

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