Eppler: "Missing Link" a fun family diversion

I'll admit to being not all that excited about "Missing Link." I just sat through a mediocre yeti movie a few months ago with "Small Foot," and another one called "Abominable" is on the way.

But I shouldn't have doubted.

"Missing Link" comes from the Laika animation studio which has produced nothing but winners including "Coraline," "ParaNorman" and "Kubo and the Two Strings." They have another good one here.

Hugh Jackman voices a stuffy tweed-clad Victorian explorer Sir Lionel Frost, who sets out in search of the Sasquatch, and is shocked at what he finds. Zach Galifianakis voicesthe beast -child-like and clumsy like so many of the characters Galifianakis has played, but not nearly as obnoxious. He convinces Sir Lionel to help him find his relatives.

The voice work by these two actors is excellent and the characters make a fun comic pairingwith the script by director Chris Butler calling to mind classic comedy stylings of Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello.

The stop-motion animation is lovely with the characters and settings designed with painstaking care, as we see in an end credits sequence. "Missing Link" is a sweet, charming and funny movie that may not be all that memorable, but provides a breezy family diversion.



* * * * * Incredible - One of the best of the year* * * * Excellent - Touches greatness with only minor quibbles* * * Good - Plenty to like, definitely worth seeing* * Mediocre - You can do better

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