Eppler: Top 5 Western movies for families

I love Westerns. It's one of Hollywood's classic genres and they often reveal so much about American culture and heritage.

So while you're stuck at home, here are a few to show your kids:

5. "The Apple Dumpling Gang" (1975)Disney'sslapstick Westernabout a group of kids fending off some bumbling bandits it a lot of fun, andit features the first pairing of the great comedy duo of Don Knotts and Tim Conway.Available on Disney Plus

4. "Shane" (1953)The George Stevens classic "Shane" stars Alan Ladd as a mysterious drifter who helps protect a small family farm from a ruthless cattle baron. There's a lot simmering under the surface in this beautiful movie but also plenty of knock down drag out fights for the action junkies.Available on Amazon Prime, Vudu

3. "Three Amigos!" (1986)An often hilarious neo-Western with Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short as actors who think they've been hired for a movie shooting in a small Mexican village, but the villagers think they've hired three gunfighters to defend the town from outlaws.It's compulsively quotable, and even if you've seen it, isn't it time to watch it again?Available on Vudu, Google Play, Apple Movies

2. "Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier" (1955)The movie that taught me to love Westerns with the iconic Fess Parker as the legendary frontiersman.This movie is edited together from several television episodes, and it has my favorite filmed version of the battle for The Alamo.Available on Disney Plus

1. "Rango" (2011)The animated movie featuring Johnny Depp voicing a modern-day pet lizard who winds up stranded in a small town in the dessert that's stuck in the Old West is one of the best Westerns of the last decade.This is a movie in love with Hollywood westerns with tributes to everything from "Stagecoach" to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." If you're looking to get your kids into this classic genre, "Rango" is a fantastic gateway movie.

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