COVID 19 Update 1120

Image from the City of Lubbock

There are seven more patients than there are available staffed hospital beds at Covenant Health or UMC, according to the City of Lubbock COVID-19 dashboard. This is reflected by 19 staffed beds open but also 26 people waiting for a bed.

While there are other additional beds throughout the two systems, these are specialized, including pediatrics, PICU, outpatient, psychiatric and others. 

308 patients in Lubbock hospitals are positive for COVID-19, with 81 of these in an ICU.

There were 483 new COVID-19 cases confirmed among Lubbock County residents Thursday. There were also 271 recoveries reported, bringing the number of active cases to a new record of 5,703. 

Four additional deaths attributed to the coronavirus were reported Friday, bringing the total of Lubbock County deaths to 296.

22,135 people have had a confirmed case then recovered.

*Since the 4:00 PM cutoff, there were 9 cases identified as duplicates, or belonging in a different jurisdiction. The cumulative total reflects these cases' removal. 

The 22-county region, Trauma Service Area B, has patients who are positive for COVID-19 well above 15 percent of total capacity. Today's figure is 28.04%. Additional business restrictions will continue until the percentage for the region drops below 15 percent for a week straight. 

Executive Orders 31 and 32 can be found here or here

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) maintains a dashboard with state, regional, and county level COVID-19 statistics and can be found here

Local COVID-19 statistics can be found here

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