Coach Chris Beard

Coach Chris Beard’s contract buyout drops on Thursday and rumor has it he could be making a move to the University of Texas.

At Texas Tech, he’s one of the highest-paid basketball coaches in the country.

If several Lubbock businesses have their way, it’ll be tough for Beard to spend any of that money for food and services locally.

Over the weekend, social media pleas started pouring in to keep him at Texas Tech.

Co-owner of Live Oak Animal Hospital, Eric Cunningham, says he doesn’t know if the head coach has any pets, but is offering free vet services for life.

“We love having him here and having a great basketball team means so much for this community,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham’s also the co-owner at Two Docs Brewing Company and is bribing Beard with his favorite drink.

“Free Chilton Gose if you stay, if you go to Austin, we’re making that 16 bucks a pint,” Cunningham teased.

Flatland Carpet Cleaning is shooting its shot with free carpet cleaning for life.

Co-owner, Rylan Thomas says he doesn’t want Beard’s passion for the game to go elsewhere.

“I think that’s our favorite part about Coach Beard is his enthusiasm and willing to want to win,” Thomas said.

Several other Lubbock businesses joined the bandwagon, including pasta and pastry incentives.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s started the trend, offering free wings for life.

With all the free food, Mary Gerlach at Lubbock Meals on Wheels says Beard will need a plate.

The non-profit is saving a spot for Coach Beard on its volunteer wall, honoring his service not only on the court but in the community.

“He’s also done a lot of philanthropic things and gotten involved and had people feel like he’s part of the family, I think,” Gerlach added.

If he stays, he could be set with legal servicesmariachi performances and even free extractions, up to 32 teeth.

Waxing the City is the official waxing salon for the Texas Tech spirit squad, and owner Amy Messer wants to add Beard and his wife to the roster.

“I would say let’s get you in a room and let’s start waxing,” Messer said.

Coach Beard hasn’t released any statements about his intent to stay or go, but these businesses are hoping to “Keep Lubbock Beard.”

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