Vaccine Clinic

The State will widen its COVID-19 vaccine guidelines to allow anyone 18 and older to sign up starting Monday.

Public Health Director Katherine Wells says she wants to see appointments fill up.

“Definitely looking forward to being able to fully book and have, you know, get 5,000 young people now vaccinated here in the Lubbock area,” Wells said.

Registration for next week starts Monday at 10 a. m.

Despite sign-up hiccups when the clinic first started up, Wells says her crew is ready to go.

“This facility, we can vaccinate up to 500 people an hour. So, we are set and ready to open up to the new groups,” Wells added.

The governor will be opening vaccines to all adults starting next week, but the City of Lubbock says they’re accepting everyone starting now.

“We’ve definitely seen fewer and fewer people utilizing this clinic over the last two weeks. So, we’re really excited to be able to open that up and really make a push for a couple of weeks really to get as many people vaccinated as possible,” Wells explained.

Wells says the City doesn’t know how many doses it will get next week but has been told there is more available.

Several students at Texas Tech University said they’ve been waiting for this day so they can step in line.

Chemical Engineering freshman, Caelan Neece, and student Cullen McCurley say they’ll be signing up soon.

“Because like my grandma recently had heart surgery, so I feel like, you know, that’s not fair for me to bring something home from college and have to like you know put her at risk,” Neece said.

“I mean I’m not an expert, I just, I think this will all be over sooner if we all get our vaccines,” McCurley added.

Others say they won’t be signing up.

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