The Covenant School of Nursing honored its 30 fall graduates in an online ceremony, celebrating the hard work of students who will soon enter the medical field, one that's been deeply impacted by Covid-19.

Guest speaker, Dr. Amy Thompson, says the actions of nurses this year gave students a glimpse into the human spirit.

"The fact that this is the year that you find yourself coming into nursing in the middle of a pandemic, I think is a great calling, because you know what the sacrifices are. And you know how much people need us," Thompson said.

One graduate, William Harris, says even before the pandemic began, he remembers a poster saying 2020 is the year of the nurse.

"This might sound weird but I feel like, I feel proud to be going into a time like this, where you know, like this is kind of our time to shine and help where we're needed," Harris said.

Harris says the sudden switch from being in the classroom to going online made nursing school even more challenging.

"The weird part was just being at home constantly, all the time. And then not being able to leave after that. We'd have to study at home. We couldn't really go anywhere else, so that was probably one of the hardest parts," Harris said.

Harris didn't always want to be a nurse, but after he got his first job in healthcare, he knew he wanted his profession to include taking care of others.

"Getting to work with the patients, getting to know them and getting to know the families was just so much fun. Just kind of being there and letting them know, we're going to do everything we can to help you and we're going to figure out whatever we need to do to help you get better," Harris said.

With a job already set up in a surgical ICU at Covenant Medical Center, Harris says he's excited to enter the field.

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