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Each March across the U.S., literacy is celebrated during 'Read Across America' week.

Each March across the U.S., literacy is celebrated during 'Read Across America' week.
Literacy Lubbock partnered with the City of Lubbock to join the initiative. 
Julie Laughlin has a degree in child development. Over the years, she's worked every job there is at Literacy Lubbock. Each March, the organization joins the nationwide effort to get kids reading at grade level. The goal -- to get kids reading by third grade.
"Along comes fourth grade where they don't help you read anymore. And you have to know and understand what you're reading," Laughlin said. 
Laughlin says that's because in fourth grade kids are not learning to read anymore instead, they're reading to learn. If that critical step is missed, kids can fall behind making learning much harder and school, as a result, not as fun. Laughlin recommends keeping books in the family home and reading to and in front of kids to get them inspired early. 
"If the family focuses on reading then they're going to think 'oh that sounds cool, you know, I think I need to read.'"
Laughlin is a mom of three herself and says it's a great way to spend quality time with your children. 
"The time goes so fast. I know it's hard for moms. A lot of our moms are single moms. So, it's hard to find time to sit down and read to your kid. But they grow up so fast," she said. "It's worth that time that you spend."
Literacy Lubbock currently has more than 300 students. It gave out more than 1,000 books just last year. Those who are in the program get about 50 pre-school books per year.
The program doesn't only focus on kids, though. It also has students who are learning English as a second language. 
For ways to get involved visit Literacy Lubbock - here.

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