Lubbock Live Festival

Jeremy Couture, a Monterey high and Texas Tech grad, did not realize something about his own city, until he started pursuing music full-time. 

"I was going to as many concerts as I could and introducing myself to the bands and I realized there were so many great bands and musicians but hardly anyone there. And that was frustrating," he explained.

It is not so much that Lubbock does not have a rich music scene, it is that it can be hard to find.

So, Couture had an idea: To throw a concert, inviting homegrown talent to reach beyond the arts community.

Things were going smoothly last year, until COVID-19 postponed the big plans.

"This is a brand new thing that no one knows about. So like, if we're stopping it, then there's like a good chance it could just *poof* into nothing," he said.

Even after a tough year on the arts, Couture was not giving up that easy.

Today, the Lubbock Live Festival is on a roll for this summer at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts or LHUCA on Saturday, August 28th.

All the bands are booked once again, including Couture's self-named group.

Now organizers are focusing on the next hurdle: getting sponsorships.

"Hoping for a good turnout. And that one: that this event brings the attention to the great music scene," he said. "And two: just allows us to be able to give back. And hopefully over the years, it continues to grow," he added.

Proceeds from the concert this year will benefit the Lubbock ISD fine arts program. 

You can learn more about the event on the Facebook or Instagram pages.

To get in touch with event organizers, you can email them at

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