Texas retired teachers aim to bridge gap with affordable tutoring

Even though most students in Lubbock are back in the classroom, there are still concerns that months of virtual learning caused many to fall behind.

Carla Meuth, Texas Retired Teachers Association member and former Lubbock teacher, wants to help. 
"We know that with additional assistance we can bridge those gaps," Meuth said.
She and other retired teachers in Texas are stepping up to close student learning divides.
Data from the TEA shows the pandemic caused some students to lose more than three months of instruction.
"And we feel that most of the children in the state of Texas, as the teachers have told us and everybody has told us, have really lost their edge. Now, can they recover? Yes," Meuth added.
To aid in that recovery, the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation started a low-cost tutoring program last fall.
Meuth says retired teachers set their own rates and can work with students to fit socioeconomic needs.
TRTF is partnering with Knack, a private tutoring agency, to find sponsors and some students may not have to pay for service at all.
"We are so invested in just your child, you know, and we've got the experience to do that," Meuth said.
She says K-12 students can sign up for the virtual tutoring in any subject or for other educational aspects, like testing or social skills.
"Then they choose a tutor. They choose a time, and the agency pairs us up. We meet the student online and then we work with them online," Meuth explained.
Tutoring takes place whatever time and frequency students need.
Retired teachers can also work with school districts to assess where students are at and where they need to be.
The program helps retired teachers with income, since many have been unable to substitute in the classroom this year.
"We can tutor to, you know, get some of that but, we don't have to actually get paid. Some of us are volunteering without a salary," Meuth said.
Meuth says there are about 200 retired teachers in the program, but it needs more.
Parents and retired teachers can sign up or you can donate to the program here: https://trtf.org/TRTF/TUTOR_PROGRAM/TRTF/Tutor/Tutor_Program_Home.aspx?hkey=b89fcfc3-8605-4c28-a8de-9336d47e5451

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