A Lubbock defendant was sentenced to life in prison for stabbing and critically wounding a woman in 2014. The same jury convicted Juan Gilberto Mora, 33, of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The victim Elizabeth Garcia, 29, was wounded in the head and torso in April of last year at the Toledo Court Apartments. The jury made the decision without hearing testimony from the victim who is permanently disabled.

"It is unique that someone is still alive after an assault and cannot testify in that way," Assistant District Attorney Barron Slack said. "It doesn't happen a lot. Now when you get into brain injuries she is able to write and communicate at the start of our case and that has progressed. we never expected that she could be a witness or cross-examined.">

A handwritten statement to Mora from the victim was read in court during the punishment hearing. Garcia wrote, "You stole me from me. I remember what you did so I don't forgive for that."