The West Texas Walk of Fame Committee announced two new inductees today: Jo Harvey Allen and Natalie Maines. The latter continues to spark debate, even after all these years.

"She well deserves it," said Eddie Moreno, chair of the committee. "She meets the criteria for the West Texas Walk of Fame."

Like her or not, Maines has made a name for herself.

"She's a hometown girl, we're proud of her," said Kidd Manning, on-air personality for Rock 96.9 and 107.7 The Eagle. "She's done things that very few folks have been able to experience in a lifetime."

Not everyone is as proud. Maines, and the Dixie Chicks, caused quite a stir back in 2003 when she told a concert crowd in London, "Just so you know, we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas," referring to George W. Bush.

"It just didn't fare well," Manning said. "Was it a bad remark at the time? I suppose so. Have other folks said worse things? Absolutely."

It seems Lubbock is finally ready to make nice. The singer will soon be inducted into the West Texas Walk of Fame, joining the likes of Waylon Jennings, Mac Davis and Buddy Holly.

"I'm happy that Natalie is going to be inducted," Manning said. "I think it's a long time coming."

Lubbock residents we spoke to were split in their opinion of Maines, but most agreed she deserves the recognition.

"She's probably talented enough to do it," said Bart Kelley. "She's got the right to her own opinion even though I don't agree with it."

"It just breaks my heart what the country music fans have done, treated them like outcasts," said BJ Sharp. "I for one am personally embarrassed that George W Bush was from Texas."

Maines will officially be inducted in September.

"With anything like this, there's always a little something," said Moreno, referring to any potential backlash. "But we think the positive is going to way outweigh anything else."

"There's not going to be another band come around that's going to sell as many units as the Dixie Chicks did," Manning said.