It's almost time for the Grimes Firework Show, the last one the family plans to put on and the biggest. Robin Grimes said the event started just as an intimate gathering in the family's backyard but over a decade has grown into a public event that the family treasures. She added even though this will be the last time the family will put on the show it won't be the last one they enjoy.

"This has been something we've grown up with, our kids have grown up with, their friends have grown up with, and hopefully when people leave here what they'll remember is not so much that we were the ones hosting, but that the nation as a whole is hosting us," Grimes said. "And that's really what we want them to leave here remembering -- that we love our nation and we know they do too."

If you want to see the show it's set for 9:45p.m. at the Lubbock-Cooper pirates football stadium at US 87 and Woodrow road. There will be food trucks south of the stadium and state law requires that there's no alcohol on the grounds. You also can't bring your own fireworks.