Before you start shooting those fireworks, Lubbock Police and a County Commissioner ask that you keep a few things in mind.

You'll probably hear those loud booms all night on the Fourth of July.

"We know you can't pop fireworks in the city limits, go out in the county and have fun be careful be safe," County Commissioner Patti Jones said.

Before city residents call police on neighbors popping fireworks, LPD Lieutenant Ray Mendoza said there's a few things to keep in mind.

"We're not telling anyone not to call 911, we're trying to inform the public and have them make the best decision possible while they're there. Anytime somebody calls 911 for a fireworks call, that's a time that somebody can't get through for a real emergency," Lt. Mendoza said.

If someone is shooting fireworks within the city, call the Lubbock Police non-emergency number.

"When you know your neighbor is setting off fireworks, that's not an emergency call," Mendoza said.

Of course if there is a true emergency, Lt. Mendoza said don't hesitate to dial 9-1-1.

"If somebody's injured, if somebody's gotten hurt or if there's a fire that's started because of the fireworks absolutely call 911."

If you are planning on lighting fireworks, make sure you're not trespassing on private property and clean up afterwards.

"Just pick up your trash, that's all we ask," Jones said.

Normally on July 5, the county crews go around and pick up the trash.

"Because it's tax dollars that have to do all that clean up, so you're paying for it one way or another," Jones said.

Jones said that money could be spent elsewhere.

"We need to put money on roads not having to clean up so we're just asking everybody to be good stewards this Fourth of July."