Funeral Services will be held Monday in Tahoka for country music singer Daron Norwood.

Norwood produced two albums in the early 90's. A number of hits making the top 40 including "Cowboys Don't Cry," "If I Ever Love Again" and "If It Wasn't For Her, I Wouldn't Have You."  
Besides his music, Norwood conducted programs for youths on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

A few months ago, Norwood began filling in as a keyboard player for Greater St. Mark Baptist Church in Lubbock.
Two pastors remember him as someone working to better the lives of others.

Venus Smitherman, said, "He sang from his heart, she said. "He went to the nursing homes, and where ever we wanted to go, he wanted to travel."

Jewel Armstead, said, "I saw a side that it was like a legacy that he was leaving, a trail that he was leaving."

Daron Norwood died Wednesday. He was 49. Funeral services will be held Monday at 2 p.m at First Baptist Church in Tahoka.