Lubbock ISD announces new standards of excellence for the district. This guiding philosophy puts emphasis on a student learning at his or her highest potential every day while integrating non negotiable organizational standards for improvement. 

"It formalizes our expectations," Dan Pope president of the LISD Board of Trustees said. "It talks about what we expect our graduate of LISD will look like, what skills they'll have, what they will learn. Then we'll work backwards from that to talk specifically about the best practices and processes that need to occur."

These changes a result of input from stakeholders.           

"This is not an initiative, this is sets a foundation for us moving forward, it's a culmination of about 14 months worth of work. This Standards of Excellence is a system of support from the district level to the campus level to the classroom level," LISD Superintendent Berhl Robertson said.

For more information on the standards of excellence you can visit the website here.