Body cameras have become a norm for several law enforcement agencies across the country.  Nearly 100 Lubbock Police Officers currently use the device as added protection.

But one group of peace officers in our county, still don't have access to them.

Constable Marina Garcia is very familiar with uncooperative offenders.

"Being at it for 16 years, I've had people accuse me of beating them and it's not true," Constable Garcia said.

Which is why she's requesting a body camera.

"We're a one person department and many times the individuals we run into that we're serving paperwork will come back and tell the judge a different story," Constable Garcia said.

Constables are elected law enforcement officers with similar responsibilities as a police officers. Unlike LPD, Lubbock's four Constables don't have body cameras.

"Many times we're out there alone so no one else is there to witness what we do," Constable Garcia said.

The Constables said there are several situations where a body camera would be extremely helpful.

"Under writ of possessions where you're forcibly removing someone with a court order things can happen and it'd be good to have the body camera there just in case something happen," Constable Paul Hanna said.

Constable Garcia's reasons for wanting the cameras are a little different.

"As for being a female, oh I get a double whammy, people react violently towards me, verbally abusive towards me."

Constable Hanna, Peterson and Garcia have approached the Lubbock County Commissioners to consider the approval of body cameras.

"Constable Hanna and I have budgeted for them and we hope to get them as soon as possible so we can get those rolling," Constable C.J. Peterson said.

"They had a very positive attitude, positive feedback," Constable Garcia said.

Soon, the Constables said the added protection will be mandatory across the state.

"It exonerates other officers or it finds them guilty," Constable Garcia said.

"A lot of times these days people are saying that officers are being out of line with them or being abusive or anything like that, this way it'll be checks and balances on both parts," Constable Peterson said.

Constable Garcia said she's hoping to hear back from the Commissioners on the subject, by next week.

In December, President Obama requested nearly $300 million for body cameras for every police officer in the country. Congress did not act on the request.